Oei Ceramics

OeiCeramics is a freshy fresh design studio for Porcelain jewellery rooted in The Netherlands. Besides OeiCeramics I create objects and drawings from porcelain.

The fascinating processes of nature and its beauty form my main inspiration.
Porcelain is a fantastic material to work with. In its primal state it is so soft and reactionary to any touch and water.
While after the heat of the kiln the material almost becomes the opposite. It feels like a stone, insensitive to the touch of my hands and doesn't absorb any water.
In this stage if you touch it, it absorbs the warmt of the body like a stone.
A material with endless possibilities.

For all the jewellery I use of one of the finest porcelain clay bodies available on the market. This clay body is known for it's snow-white appearance and high firing temperature up to 1300 Celsius degree. This temperature causes the porcelain to become almost as hard as a gemstone.

I wish to dedicate a part of my excitement for ceramics to the beauty of the feminine through OeiCeramics.

Other things I love besides massaging clay: The Wind-up bird chronicle of Haruki Murakami, Sea storms videos on youtube, and life of deep sea creatures.

For any questions feel welcome to send me a message!

Welcome to my shop :)…


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